Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reasons For Scanning

By now, almost all organizations understand that their documents can be scanned to an electronic format for instantaneous electronic retrieval. However, the following are the main reasons why business managers call SoftFile for a competitive quotation.

  • The organization is relocating elsewhere and it makes sense to have SoftFile move the boxes instead of the organization having to pay movers. Did yo know - about 1,400 boxes (at 30 lbs each) weighs about 42,000, which is usually the maximum payload that a semi-truck can carry.

  • A new records management law (e.g. the time-frame by which you must facilitate a public records act request) has passed requiring the company to act.

  • There is a hiring freeze, so having SoftFile scan the paper (or provide data entry), frees-up the organization's employees (that were scanning) to do other business processes.

  • A manager is looking for a pet-project so that when it comes time to seek a promotion, they can point to the implemented scanning project as a demonstrated management success. We have actually seen this example a few times.

  • A Return-On-Investment is realized (the light-bulb moment); becoming clear that electronic retrieval is much - much faster than paper retrieval. Employee time equals money.

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